Butter Rum Caramel Honu

A Delicious New Kauai Product

We love the combination of caramel and chocolate. Caramel is one of our favorite items to make as well. We love the simple and all natural ingredients, the method for cooking the caramel and the flavors and aroma that comes from inside the kitchen as it is being cooked.

"Honus on the loose"

Honus on the Loose!

One of the most popular sea creatures in Hawaii is our sea turtles. Called Honus, they are one of the most enduring and talked about symbols of our islands. When on the beach, very few things seem to generate as much excitement as when someone spots a Honu moving around a bay. They are beautiful and peaceful creatures.

We have started to make, by hand, our special version of the popular chocolate turtles. Our version, called Honu, is made with our own butter rum caramel, Hawaiian grown Macadamia nuts, and our exclusive blend of dark or milk chocolate. Since we always use local ingredients first, the butter rum Caramel is made using rum produced by the Koloa Rum Company.

Visitor Comments:

  1. Sami arreza says:

    Good question, do you guys do shipping to other island like Oahu. I been to your store 2 years ago I fall in love with all your goodies I have a baby shower coming up I would to order the butter rum Caramel honu ?

    Reply • June 25 at 5:19 pm
    • PapalaniGelato says:

      Aloha Sami,

      We do ship to other islands. We do not make the Caramel Honu’s any longer however. I am sorry for that. We appreciate your interest and we are sorry we can not help you with the honu’s.

      Mahalo for asking!

      Reply • July 24 at 9:22 am

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