Chocolate Tastings are Back! A Taste of Chocolate from Hawaii

cacao pods on tree

Cacao pods used in making Hawaiian chocolates.

Hawaiian Chocolate Tastings

One of our customers favorite events are back!

Sign up for one of our weekly chocolate tastings. We hold them on Wednesday at 3PM at our chocolate and gelato shop. We feature 100% grown and made Hawaiian Chocolates. The chocolates are grown on Oahu, the Big Island of Hawaii, and on Kauai. All the chocolate tasted is are made by small artisan chocolate producers using sustainable methods of growing and processing. Some of the chocolate makers are Bean to Bar makers meaning they control the growing and making of the chocolate. Most chocolate in the world is grown by either small collectives or large multinational corporations who produce blends of chocolates. This is not to say the chocolate produced in this method is not good, at times it is amazing, but there is something about knowing where the product is grown and who makes it into the final product we find especially interesting. We can actually contact the grower or maker and ask questions about their product. Try doing that with Hersheys! We believe in supporting small local businesses creating unique products using natural and organic ingredients. Each company we feature does that.

We have the only chocolate tasting on Kauai using 100% Hawaiian Grown chocolate which is also 100% Hawaiian Made. Since you are in Hawaii, you should really enjoy Hawaiian Chocolate since it is rare and has it’s own flavor profile.

You can call our store or email us to reserve a space in the next tasting. Please keep in mind that there is a $5.00 per person cost for the tasting. This is non refundable unless you cancel with more than 24 hours notice. We need a credit card to hold your spot.

The Tasting

We will sample between 5-7 types of Hawaiian Grown Chocolate, both milk and dark. As we taste we will talk about the chocolate industry in Hawaii, learn about the history of chocolate, health benefits, and of course we will talk about what we taste. The idea is to have fun, eat chocolate, and hopefully learn something new. We will share with you some of our favorite places on the island if you like and talk about what ever comes up.

What we love about the chocolate tastings is how much we all share chocolate experiences. Unlike wine as an example, most of us have had chocolate in our life since we were kids. We have shared chocolate experiences connecting us all. Normally, there is lots of joy and laughter at our tastings.

Once we have finished the official tasting, we taste a couple of our hand made Papalani Chocolate creations. These may be truffles, caramels, a new idea we want feedback on, or something we think you might enjoy. We may even through in some tastes of our chocolate gelato flavors which we think are pretty good.

Once we finish, we will give you a 15% off coupon for anything in our store. Our way of saying Mahalo for spending some of your vacation time with us.


Chocolate Tastings Most Wednesdays at 3PM. (starting September 7, 2011)
Where : Papalani Gelato
Info: 808-742-cone (2663)
Cost: $5.00 not refundable within 24 hours of scheduled tasting.

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