Papalani Gelato® Products

Introducing Papalani Chocolate Bars


Papalani Gelato Chocolate Bars – made with our exclusive blend of either milk or dark chocolate. Our milk chocolate contains 40% Cacao which is much higher than most milk chocolate bars available today. The added cacao helps to create the best milk chocolate flavor profile, hints of caramel, we have found.

Our dark chocolate bars are 64% Cacao and the flavor profile we find earthly with a full rich chocolate flavor with a nice finish. We currently offer milk and dark chocolate bars with Hawaiian grown Macadamia Nuts.

We make these fresh by hand in our chocolate shop.

Priced at $4.00 for dark or milk and $4.50 dark and milk Macadamia nuts.

What is Gelato and Gelato Versus Ice Cream

What is Gelato? Many of our customers try gelato for the first time in our Kauai store. They often ask, What is the difference between gelato and ice cream. Additionally, people who have tried gelato before or who have heard of gelato at times have misconceptions about what gelato is and how it is made. On any given day, we get 100’s if not over a 1000 people in our gelato and chocolate shop and our best guess is that 25-35% of our customers will ask what Gelato is, how it is different than ice cream, and other related questions. To help understand what Gelato is and why it is better than ice cream, we thought we would provide some information.

First of all, Gelato means frozen (or at least most seem to agree on this) in Italian. Gelato and Ice Cream exist for the same purpose. Each was created to satisfy our desires for a cold and creamy dessert.

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