Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows and our Smores – A family Affair

Sometimes our families influence us in surprising and unexpected ways. Lauren’s mom, Arlene was a big time foodie before the Food Channel was established and the term celebrity was combined with chef. She took cooking classes, read tons of cook books, and had a wall in one of her bedrooms dedicated to her cookbook collection. Each growing season, she turned her backyard into a clinic on tomato growing and was even featured in the LA Times at one point due to her special way of growing tomatoes. She loved food so much. She would call companies to tell them how much she enjoyed some new food product she had tried. Her passion was good food and she enjoyed cooking, eating, and talking about food.

Arlene passed away a few years ago. Lauren and I inherited a small acrylic file container full of index cards with her special recipes, her favorites, and things she loved. These were Arlene’s secrets and favorite recipes for many things, some Lauren could not recall her ever making. Arlene passed away while we lived in Canada when we were just starting to think about moving to Kauai to start our gelato and chocolates shop. We were so busy with planning the move and the opening of our new store on Kauai, we never really looked through the dozens of recipes.

Hula Baby Biscotti

Another Great Hawaii Made Product

We are proud to announce a special addition to our Hawaii Made product line. In this case, Hula Baby Biscotti is made right here on Kauai. Hula Baby developed their own Biscotti recipes featuring the flavors of Kauai. Their yummy cookies are hand made in small batches to ensure freshness. We believe these are the best Biscotti we have ever tried. As part of our commitment to building a sustainable island economy on Kauai, we love to find and feature other businesses who are like minded. We will continue to feature locally made high quality products in our Hawaii Made collection like Hula Baby Biscotti.

Butter Rum Caramel Honu

A Delicious New Kauai Product

We love the combination of caramel and chocolate. Caramel is one of our favorite items to make as well. We love the simple and all natural ingredients, the method for cooking the caramel and the flavors and aroma that comes from inside the kitchen as it is being cooked.

"Honus on the loose"

Honus on the Loose!

One of the most popular sea creatures in Hawaii is our sea turtles. Called Honus, they are one of the most enduring and talked about symbols of our islands. When on the beach, very few things seem to generate as much excitement as when someone spots a Honu moving around a bay. They are beautiful and peaceful creatures.

We have started to make, by hand, our special version of the popular chocolate turtles. Our version, called Honu, is made with our own butter rum caramel, Hawaiian grown Macadamia nuts, and our exclusive blend of dark or milk chocolate. Since we always use local ingredients first, the butter rum Caramel is made using rum produced by the Koloa Rum Company.

Madam Pele’s Hot Chocolate Recipe

Madam Pele

You may not think about Hot Chocolate and Hawaii in the same thought. After all, we live in a warm sunny climate in which very few days invoke the need to warm from the inside. Still, we grow chocolate in Hawaii, and we are the home of the fiery goddess, Madam Pele. We can not think of a better way to warm up and call upon the spirit of Madam Pele then to blend Hawaiian grown chocolate with the right mix of heat. Our tribute to the Fire Goddess! We also think espresso and chocolate go together like Hawaii and rainbows. We recommend Kona coffee but you can use any good dark espresso blend you prefer.

Is Chocolate Really Good for You?

More and more research studies are finding links between chocolate and various health related benefits. Customers visiting our chocolate shop ask about healthy chocolate often, but seem to be confused about what type of chocolate may have some health benefits, and many do not understand or even believe chocolate may be good for you. We all know chocolate makes us feel good and smile and brings on a sense of happiness and contentment. Chocolate is good for you if you choose the right type of chocolate and eat the proper amount.

Chocolate Tastings are Back! A Taste of Chocolate from Hawaii

cacao pods on tree

Cacao pods used in making Hawaiian chocolates.

Hawaiian Chocolate Tastings

One of our customers favorite events are back!

Sign up for one of our weekly chocolate tastings. We hold them on Wednesday at 3PM at our chocolate and gelato shop. We feature 100% grown and made Hawaiian Chocolates. The chocolates are grown on Oahu, the Big Island of Hawaii, and on Kauai. All the chocolate tasted is are made by small artisan chocolate producers using sustainable methods of growing and processing. Some of the chocolate makers are Bean to Bar makers meaning they control the growing and making of the chocolate. Most chocolate in the world is grown by either small collectives or large multinational corporations who produce blends of chocolates. This is not to say the chocolate produced in this method is not good, at times it is amazing, but there is something about knowing where the product is grown and who makes it into the final product we find especially interesting. We can actually contact the grower or maker and ask questions about their product. Try doing that with Hersheys! We believe in supporting small local businesses creating unique products using natural and organic ingredients. Each company we feature does that.

Introducing Papalani Chocolate Bars


Papalani Gelato Chocolate Bars – made with our exclusive blend of either milk or dark chocolate. Our milk chocolate contains 40% Cacao which is much higher than most milk chocolate bars available today. The added cacao helps to create the best milk chocolate flavor profile, hints of caramel, we have found.

Our dark chocolate bars are 64% Cacao and the flavor profile we find earthly with a full rich chocolate flavor with a nice finish. We currently offer milk and dark chocolate bars with Hawaiian grown Macadamia Nuts.

We make these fresh by hand in our chocolate shop.

Priced at $4.00 for dark or milk and $4.50 dark and milk Macadamia nuts.

Kauai Farmers Markets – Sunshine Markets

Eat local – for many more reasons than you think!

Sugarloaf Pineapple

When anticipating your visit to Kauai, Hawaii what images some to mind? Surely beaches, green jagged peaks perhaps, tropical flowers, the aroma floating through the air, and to many like us, wonderful fruits, coffee, chocolate, fish, and other Hawaiian grown food products. Hawaii is not only a paradise for those seeking relaxation and sun, but for those who believe the food and the way it is grown and made helps you to understand the culture of the place you are visiting.

What is Gelato and Gelato Versus Ice Cream

What is Gelato? Many of our customers try gelato for the first time in our Kauai store. They often ask, What is the difference between gelato and ice cream. Additionally, people who have tried gelato before or who have heard of gelato at times have misconceptions about what gelato is and how it is made. On any given day, we get 100’s if not over a 1000 people in our gelato and chocolate shop and our best guess is that 25-35% of our customers will ask what Gelato is, how it is different than ice cream, and other related questions. To help understand what Gelato is and why it is better than ice cream, we thought we would provide some information.

First of all, Gelato means frozen (or at least most seem to agree on this) in Italian. Gelato and Ice Cream exist for the same purpose. Each was created to satisfy our desires for a cold and creamy dessert.

Introducing Pomegranate Lime Margarita Sorbetto

A great new dairy free sorbetto recipe!

Our gelato recipe book contains many recipes. Well over 200 and growing all the time. Despite the number of gelato recipes we have, people come into our gelato shop all the time asking for flavors they have seen elsewhere, viewed on a cooking show, or in the case of chefs, are looking for specific flavor profiles and pairing options. We love when people suggest to us flavor combinations we have not tried before.

One of our newest sorbetto flavors is tart pomegranate and locally grown Tahitian limes combined with just enough tequila to make you feel as if you are sitting on a beach in Cozumel. We were approached by a new Mexican restaurant concept on Kauai about making for them some Mexican inspired flavors. A specific flavor they asked for was Pomegranate Lime Margarita Sorbetto. A dairy free tart flavor which they wanted to be refreshing and tangy. We think this flavor is that and more!

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