Ice Cream Sandwiches

Hawaiian Gelato Bars & Sandwiches

Beyond the delicious gelato and sorbetto you’ll find in our display cases, Papalani Gelato® has some amazing “take away” treats: Italian-style ice cream sandwiches; gelato-cookie sandwiches; gelato, sorbetto and yogurt bars; and, cold and refreshing frozen chocolate bananas. While the flavors and combinations available change daily, they’re always made with the same rich, silky gelato and sorbetto that have made Papalani™ famous!

Gelato Cookie Sandwiches

Made two ways. We use locally made chocolate chip cookies and many of our flavors to create all kinds of choices for you. Our sandwiches are so much better than regular ice cream sandwiches and we have so many options. At times, we have gluten-free sandwiches available, so ask when you are in the shop or call ahead and we might be able to make some up for you.

Hawaiian Sweet Bread Gelato Sandwiches

In southern Italy, gelato and sorbetto is eaten with freshly made Brioche but here we have Sweet Bread. Our twist on a traditional way to enjoy Italian ice cream. Pick one or two of your favorite flavors from our display cases.

Gelato, Sorbetto, and Yogurt Bars

Ours are made fresh in our gelato shop. Unlike most ice cream bars, we use a real chocolate sauce to coat our bars not an oil based coating with small amounts of chocolate and lots of artificial flavoring. Our flavors change all the time and we can even make bars to your specific flavor choices if you have a couple of days to wait.

Frozen Chocolate Bananas

We use locally grown apple bananas, cover them in chocolate and add toppings to create a real local treat. While not made with gelato, sorbetto, or frozen yogurt, the chocolate we use to dip these is the best chocolate used anywhere we know of.

There’s Always Something New!

We’re always trying out creative new ideas and combinations so you never know what you’ll find in our display freezer—stop in today and see what new treats are waiting for you.

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