Organic and GMO Free Sorbetto now available!

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We are pleased to announce our newest addition to our line of authentic handmade gelato. Currently available at our Hawaii locations. Coming to Florida soon.




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Papalani Gelato Franchise Operating Company, LLC







Lawai, Hawaii — Nov. 7, 2014 — National gelato company Papalani Gelato Franchise Operating Company, LLC is pleased to announce the release of a new organic sorbet product.


Papalani Gelato®, the first national gelato brand to offer organic products free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), is releasing a new line of organic sorbetto. Sorbetto is a dairy-free, gluten-free, GMO-free and vegan dessert made only with real fruit and wholesome natural ingredients. Our sorbettos are dairy free, gluten free, and full of flavor.


Smooth, silky and soft, sorbetto contains very little air, which gives it a dense, creamy, “ice-free” consistency. Papalani Gelato’s® sorbetto is available in a variety of delicious flavors, including banana, chocolate banana, pineapple, mango, strawberry, dark chocolate, papaya and several others. You can see all the flavors offered of organic and conventional flavors at Our Sorbetto Page.


“We are proud to be one the first national frozen dessert companies to introduce a line of organic frozen desserts,” said Marck Shipley, CEO for Papalani Gelato®. “Consumers today are demanding healthier alternatives, including natural and organic and non GMO products. We worked hard to create a line of products that is as healthy and wholesome as it is delicious.”


In addition to creating a line of frozen desserts that is organic and free of GMOs, Papalani Gelato® adheres to environmentally sustainable business practices and community involvement. They make sure the ingredients in their products are sound, seasonally produced and locally sourced whenever possible to reduce transportation and fuel costs as well as to support the Kauai and Hawaii economy.


About Papalani Gelato®

Papalani Gelato Franchising Company is a family-owned and operated franchisor of handmade Hawaiian style gelato, coffee, and chocolate shops. They are dedicated to sharing their hand-crafted, artisanal, Hawaiian-inspired gelato, coffees, and chocolates throughout the state of Hawaii and beyond. Customers rave that Papalani has the best gelato and chocolate in the nation.


Papalani Gelato® is committed to growing the market for artisan-made products, improving the health of consumers by creating and marketing products that satisfy the desire for sweet and creamy frozen treats in a healthful manner, and supporting the economic development of communities. They accomplish these things in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Papalani offers opportunities for small business ownership across the country. They currently have locations in Hawaii and Florida. For details about franchising opportunities, go to Our Gelato Franchise Page.


Learn more about Papalani Gelato at Follow Papalani Gelato on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest.


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Pumpkin Spice Breeze is back!

It’s Autumn and Time for one of our Favorites!

A favorite everywhere.

Autum Breeze

Made using 100% pure Pumpkin and our special spice mixture.

My mom made a great Pumpkin Pie. Full of flavor, lots of spices, and a perfect way to end any meal. We love Pumpkin Pie so much! This drink is full of spices, pure pumpkin blended with cold milk. We use spices like cinnamon, nutmeg,  and clove.   Our Pumpkin Spice Breeze is back! Stop on by and celebrate the season!

Hawaiian Teas in Vintage Tins – Perfect Hawaiian Gift

Share some aloha on your next visit to the islands. Our newest teas, Macadamia Sunrise and Hawaiian Coconut Cream Herbal Teas in Vintage tins. We love these and think you will as well. Available currently in our Poipu Store only. Please stop in and check these and all our other Hawaiian products. Lots to choose from and all made in Hawaii!

Our newest Hawaiian Made product – Teas

Papalani Gelato Franchise in the news!

We recently were invited to discuss our Franchise concept on the morning Business Report on KHNL in Honolulu. We had fun with the morning news team and left behind some of our tropical delights for them to enjoy.

Click Here to Read the Article

Hawaii Style Lemonade for the Summer

It’s Summer in Hawaii!

Time for a refreshing tropical treat. 

Lemonade Hawaii Style!

Fresh, refreshing, and full of the flavors of Hawaii!


Lemonade reminds us all of summer.  Summer in Hawaii is amazing. The colors are bright and intense. The tradewinds refreshing and appreciated.  Summer here inspired us to create a special Hawaiian version of lemonade for you to enjoy. Made from fresh squeezed lemon juice, pink guava (a beautiful summer fruit), and lots of strawberries, blended together to create a sweet, tangy, refreshing, and very Hawaiian version of a classic. Available at our Popiu store but only for a limited time.

New Flavor Alert – Parrish Kauai Mai Tai Sorbetto

Exclusive Mai Tai Sorbetto Now Featured in All Elite Parrish Kauai Vacation Rentals Tropical frozen treat made by Papalani Gelato® celebrates the flavors of Hawaii.

A select Mai Tai sorbetto is the latest amenity offered in all of the elite Kauai vacation rentals from The Parrish Collection Kauai. Based on a personal recipe from company owner, JP Parrish, this tropical creation is produced by Papalani Gelato exclusively for Parrish Kauai and is also featured for a limited time at their Poipu store.

Parrish Kauai’s Elite Collection of luxury Kauai vacation rentals is a select group of Kauai cottages and distinctive Poipu rentals. Each property is hand selected by company owner JP Parrish for its uniqueness and maintained to the highest of standards with the most luxurious comforts. Their elite homes also offer a full concierge service and hosted Mai Tai reception. For reservations, book online or call The Parrish Collection Kauai at 800-325-5701.

The sorbetto amenity is a new interpretation of the popular Mai Tai drink that was created 70 years ago. First introduced to the islands in 1953 at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, it is synonymous with Tiki culture and one of the most popular drinks in Hawaii. “This is my personal spin on the classic Hawaii cocktail that I share with friends,” commented JP Parrish, owner of The Parrish Collection Kauai. “I am excited to partner with Papalani Gelato to deliver the exclusive flavor. One scoop and it’s paradise.”

The no fat, dairy free sorbetto is a fusion of a traditional Italian gelato with added Hawaii flavors and rum. Papalani Gelato uses local Kauai fruits to create a distinctive frozen dessert. Unlike ice cream, there is almost no added air which results in a creamier, silkier, denser and healthy taste.
“Our Parrish Kauai Mai Tai Sorbetto is a combination of JP’s passion for his guests and our passion to create a unique and wonderful way to please your pallet,” said Marck Shipley, owner of Papalani Gelato.

Family owned Papalani Gelato is served at the finest Kauai restaurants and available at specialty stores. With two company owned locations on Kauai and now two in Florida, Papalani Gelato is expanding as new franchise opportunities become available.

About The Parrish Collection Kauai
Established in 1984, The Parrish Collection Kauai represents the island’s finest selection and variety of luxury Kauai vacation rentals including the most oceanfront properties at Poipu Beach. Rated Excellent by TripAdvisor and as a “2013 Top Rental Manager” by FlipKey, their distinguished collection of 200 homes and condominiums on the North Shore Kauai and South Shore Kauai is complemented with a dedicated long-term staff and a full service Guest Concierge. Four offices are located in Koloa, Princeville and at Poipu Beach to assist guests and owners. Their latest Kauai deals, online direct booking and property information is available on the Parrish Kauai website and by calling 800-325-5701. Also featured is their new Kauai webcam with live views of the Poipu Beach coastline.

About Papalani Gelato
Papalani Gelato is a Hawaii-based wholesale and retail supplier of specialty gelato, coffee and chocolate. Founded in 2008, Papalani Gelato started producing and selling a wide choice of all-natural gelato, sorbetto and frozen yogurt selections, along with specialty chocolates and coffee beverages, on the island of Kauai. For more information about their products and franchise opportunities, contact Marck Shipley at 808-742-2663.

Healthy Chocolate – There is such a thing and we have it in both our stores!

We are always on the lookout for new products for our stores. We will not put just any product on our shelves however. We have very high standards for taste, ingredients, and each product we select has to have some unique or special characteristics. The products we feature in our store have to be all natural, no preservatives or additives, and most importantly, must taste wonderful. We are proud to introduce our newest retail product.
Living Goodies

Living Goodies is a Kauai based family owned and operated company. They purchase cacao from some of the finest growers in the world, including Hawaii, and stone-grind it with whole coconut meat, not powder or milk, ensuring their chocolates are full flavor and thanks to the use of Coconut Crystals as their sweetener, are healthy and even low carb. Their chocolates contain no cane sugar. a nutritional richness.

According to the Philippine Coconut Authority, The Glycemic Index of coconut sugar is 35 and is classified as a low glycemic index food which means it can be eaten by those who need to watch their blood sugar levels. Besides the possible benefits related to their products not containing refined sugar, they also are Vegan friendly, and delicious. One of the best chocolates we have tried recently. Even if you do not care about sugar levels or Vegan friendly products, you should try these bars. They are flavorful with a wonderful creamy mouth feel. Made with organic, fair trade, and all natural ingredients, these are for chocolate lovers and their friends!.

Introducing our Fit Freezes!

We are always looking for ways to provide our customers with different options for enjoying creamy cool desserts and drink options. We offer dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, and other healthier options for our customers. At our Anchor Cove location on Poipu and in all our franchise units, we offer Fit Freezes. These drinks contain at least 20g protein, 130 calories, and 2 grams of sugar or less.

New, Healthy, Refreshing and Delicious

Skinny Lattes! These are outrageously delicious cafe style protein drinks designed to keep you full and fully charged to take on the day. We offer caramel, espresso, chocolate, and vanilla bean flavors. These drinks combine the energy from caffeine and all of the health benefits of a gourmet protein beverage. These are excellent meal replacements offering a wonderful, long-lasting, protein-boosting beverage that you can drink in place of a breakfast, lunch or afternoon snack.

Made from Calcium Caseinate which breaks down slowly, it provides a sustained release of amino acids to help you stay fuller longer.

A 16 oz of Fit Freeze has:
At Least 20 g Protein
130 Calories
2 g Sugar or Less
3.5 g Fat
5 g Fiber
100 – 200mg caffeine (Chocolate and Vanilla has zero caffeine)
19 Vitamins & Minerals
4-6 g Net Carbs
Gluten Free

We offer the choice to use nonfat or soy milk instead of water to create a slightly creamier option to enjoy. You can also add shots of espresso to boost the flavor as well. Make it your way!

Freshly baked pastries and Hawaiian Coffees

Our new Anchor Cove location features a full coffee bar. Each day we feature a unique coffee grown, harvested, and roasted within the state of Hawaii. We feature coffees from each island available by the cup or to purchase by the bag. We have a full range of espresso drinks, freshly brewed coffees, tropical teas, and frozen blended drinks.

Freshly Baked Pastries

Our locally baked products are ready for you to enjoy.

We also feature freshly baked muffins, scones, cookies, gluten free coffee cakes, and more. These pastries are made locally with Aloha by Passion Bakery which we feel is the best bakery on Kauai. All natural and organic ingredients as well as local fruits and other ingredients are used to make these wonderful creations. We feature savory and sweet options. We also have two types of oatmeal for a healthier option for breakfast.

Papalani Gelato is now Open in Anchor Cove!

Papalani Gelato Anchor Cove

Papalani Gelato Anchor Cove

We are pleased to announce we have opened our second store on Kauai. This location features a full coffee bar including a daily Hawaiian grown coffee as well as our much loved gelato! Stay tuned for more information including news on our grand opening.

Fresh Basil Gelato and how we end up deciding on new flavors!

Fresh Kauai Grown Basil Gelato

Basil Gelato made from Kauai Grown Fresh Basil

We love what we do. To say we have a passion for gelato and chocolate really does not describe how much we love what we do. For the past 10 years gelato and chocolates has been at the center of our lives in many ways. One of the ways we think we are different than other places on Kauai is our emphasis on local flavors. Not just adding some coffee and macadamia nuts to a flavor, but finding ways to showcase many different ingredients found on Kauai. Sometimes the inspiration comes when we are shopping at one of the Sunshine Markets on Kauai. We have over 300 flavors in our recipe book right now and it constantly is being added to. Many times customers will ask us what inspired us to make a specific flavor. The truth is we have many sources of inspiration. Sometimes, like with our newest flavor, the inspiration comes from a local grower who brings to us something from their garden or farm. They just come in and say, hey, have you ever made anything with Jackfruit or Starfruit, or whatever they may have growing at that moment.

How to Make Chocolates at Home

Part One of our Series: Homemade Chocolate is the Best Chocolate

We love chocolate. I mean really love chocolate. In our store, we make chocolates on a regular basis and we try to find unique flavor combinations and ingredients to combine into something wonderful. Not all of our attempts of course succeed, but with each attempt we learn something that allows us to make our next experiment succeed. Failure in the kitchen can be as informative and educational as each success.

What we plan to do over the next few months is provide a basic primer and introduction into chocolate making that we hope will allow you to experiment and enjoy the process of working with the “Food of the Gods”.
Our first post is all about choosing what chocolate to use. The first and most important part of making any food product is choosing the right ingredients. This is especially true when working with chocolate as not all chocolates have the same quality, flavor profile, and can be used for all applications of chocolate making. Here are some tips or suggestions for how to choose chocolate to use at home.

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