Hawaii Style Lemonade for the Summer

It’s Summer in Hawaii!

Time for a refreshing tropical treat. 

Lemonade Hawaii Style!

Fresh, refreshing, and full of the flavors of Hawaii!


Lemonade reminds us all of summer.  Summer in Hawaii is amazing. The colors are bright and intense. The tradewinds refreshing and appreciated.  Summer here inspired us to create a special Hawaiian version of lemonade for you to enjoy. Made from fresh squeezed lemon juice, pink guava (a beautiful summer fruit), and lots of strawberries, blended together to create a sweet, tangy, refreshing, and very Hawaiian version of a classic. Available at our Popiu store but only for a limited time.

New Flavor Alert – Parrish Kauai Mai Tai Sorbetto

Exclusive Mai Tai Sorbetto Now Featured in All Elite Parrish Kauai Vacation Rentals Tropical frozen treat made by Papalani Gelato® celebrates the flavors of Hawaii.

A select Mai Tai sorbetto is the latest amenity offered in all of the elite Kauai vacation rentals from The Parrish Collection Kauai. Based on a personal recipe from company owner, JP Parrish, this tropical creation is produced by Papalani Gelato exclusively for Parrish Kauai and is also featured for a limited time at their Poipu store.

Parrish Kauai’s Elite Collection of luxury Kauai vacation rentals is a select group of Kauai cottages and distinctive Poipu rentals. Each property is hand selected by company owner JP Parrish for its uniqueness and maintained to the highest of standards with the most luxurious comforts. Their elite homes also offer a full concierge service and hosted Mai Tai reception. For reservations, book online or call The Parrish Collection Kauai at 800-325-5701.

The sorbetto amenity is a new interpretation of the popular Mai Tai drink that was created 70 years ago. First introduced to the islands in 1953 at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, it is synonymous with Tiki culture and one of the most popular drinks in Hawaii. “This is my personal spin on the classic Hawaii cocktail that I share with friends,” commented JP Parrish, owner of The Parrish Collection Kauai. “I am excited to partner with Papalani Gelato to deliver the exclusive flavor. One scoop and it’s paradise.”

The no fat, dairy free sorbetto is a fusion of a traditional Italian gelato with added Hawaii flavors and rum. Papalani Gelato uses local Kauai fruits to create a distinctive frozen dessert. Unlike ice cream, there is almost no added air which results in a creamier, silkier, denser and healthy taste.
“Our Parrish Kauai Mai Tai Sorbetto is a combination of JP’s passion for his guests and our passion to create a unique and wonderful way to please your pallet,” said Marck Shipley, owner of Papalani Gelato.

Family owned Papalani Gelato is served at the finest Kauai restaurants and available at specialty stores. With two company owned locations on Kauai and now two in Florida, Papalani Gelato is expanding as new franchise opportunities become available.

About The Parrish Collection Kauai
Established in 1984, The Parrish Collection Kauai represents the island’s finest selection and variety of luxury Kauai vacation rentals including the most oceanfront properties at Poipu Beach. Rated Excellent by TripAdvisor and as a “2013 Top Rental Manager” by FlipKey, their distinguished collection of 200 homes and condominiums on the North Shore Kauai and South Shore Kauai is complemented with a dedicated long-term staff and a full service Guest Concierge. Four offices are located in Koloa, Princeville and at Poipu Beach to assist guests and owners. Their latest Kauai deals, online direct booking and property information is available on the Parrish Kauai website and by calling 800-325-5701. Also featured is their new Kauai webcam with live views of the Poipu Beach coastline.

About Papalani Gelato
Papalani Gelato is a Hawaii-based wholesale and retail supplier of specialty gelato. Founded in 2008, Papalani Gelato started producing and selling a wide variety of  gelato and sorbetto, along with specialty beverages, shakes, smoothies and gelato cakes, on the island of Kauai.

Fresh Basil Gelato and how we end up deciding on new flavors!

Fresh Kauai Grown Basil Gelato

Basil Gelato made from Kauai Grown Fresh Basil

We love what we do. To say we have a passion for gelato really does not describe how much we love what we do. One of the ways we think we are different than other places on Kauai is our emphasis on local flavors. Not just adding some coffee and macadamia nuts to a flavor, but finding ways to showcase many different ingredients found on Kauai. Sometimes the inspiration comes when we are shopping at one of the Sunshine Markets on Kauai. We have over 300 flavors in our recipe book right now and it constantly is being added to. Many times customers will ask us what inspired us to make a specific flavor. The truth is we have many sources of inspiration. Sometimes, like with our newest flavor, the inspiration comes from a local grower who brings to us something from their garden or farm. They just come in and say, hey, have you ever made anything with Jackfruit or Starfruit, or whatever they may have growing at that moment.

Madam Pele’s Hot Chocolate Recipe

Madam Pele

You may not think about Hot Chocolate and Hawaii in the same thought. After all, we live in a warm sunny climate in which very few days invoke the need to warm from the inside. Still, we grow chocolate in Hawaii, and we are the home of the fiery goddess, Madam Pele. We can not think of a better way to warm up and call upon the spirit of Madam Pele then to blend Hawaiian grown chocolate with the right mix of heat. Our tribute to the Fire Goddess! We also think espresso and chocolate go together like Hawaii and rainbows. We recommend Kona coffee but you can use any good dark espresso blend you prefer.

Is Chocolate Really Good for You?

More and more research studies are finding links between chocolate and various health related benefits. Customers visiting our chocolate shop ask about healthy chocolate often, but seem to be confused about what type of chocolate may have some health benefits, and many do not understand or even believe chocolate may be good for you. We all know chocolate makes us feel good and smile and brings on a sense of happiness and contentment. Chocolate is good for you if you choose the right type of chocolate and eat the proper amount.

Kauai Farmers Markets – Sunshine Markets

Eat local – for many more reasons than you think!

Sugarloaf Pineapple

When anticipating your visit to Kauai, Hawaii what images some to mind? Surely beaches, green jagged peaks perhaps, tropical flowers, the aroma floating through the air, and to many like us, wonderful fruits, coffee, chocolate, fish, and other Hawaiian grown food products. Hawaii is not only a paradise for those seeking relaxation and sun, but for those who believe the food and the way it is grown and made helps you to understand the culture of the place you are visiting.

What is Gelato and Gelato Versus Ice Cream

What is Gelato? Many of our customers try gelato for the first time in our Kauai store. They often ask, What is the difference between gelato and ice cream. Additionally, people who have tried gelato before or who have heard of gelato at times have misconceptions about what gelato is and how it is made. On any given day, we get 100’s if not over a 1000 people in our gelato and chocolate shop and our best guess is that 25-35% of our customers will ask what Gelato is, how it is different than ice cream, and other related questions. To help understand what Gelato is and why it is better than ice cream, we thought we would provide some information.

First of all, Gelato means frozen (or at least most seem to agree on this) in Italian. Gelato and Ice Cream exist for the same purpose. Each was created to satisfy our desires for a cold and creamy dessert.

Introducing Pomegranate Lime Margarita Sorbetto

A great new dairy free sorbetto recipe!

Our gelato recipe book contains many recipes. Well over 200 and growing all the time. Despite the number of gelato recipes we have, people come into our gelato shop all the time asking for flavors they have seen elsewhere, viewed on a cooking show, or in the case of chefs, are looking for specific flavor profiles and pairing options. We love when people suggest to us flavor combinations we have not tried before.

One of our newest sorbetto flavors is tart pomegranate and locally grown Tahitian limes combined with just enough tequila to make you feel as if you are sitting on a beach in Cozumel. We were approached by a new Mexican restaurant concept on Kauai about making for them some Mexican inspired flavors. A specific flavor they asked for was Pomegranate Lime Margarita Sorbetto. A dairy free tart flavor which they wanted to be refreshing and tangy. We think this flavor is that and more!

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